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Blog: Fidelity


Posted by Admin, 1 year ago

You see, sex is dangerous. It is a powerful and all-consuming force. Lust, libido, desire can drive an individual insane ? love is often described as a madness in literature.

It is self-evident that escorts enjoy meeting new people. I like nothing better than to hook up with a new client and learn about his or her personality, proclivities and pleasure points. AS a liberated and fun loving women I couldn?t imagine being with only one person for eternity. Of course it is slightly more complicated than this. There are various forms of monogamy for example. You can be monogamous in that you stay with one partner for life. Or you can be a serial monogamist in that you are faithful to each and every partner you are with but have multiple partners over your lifetime. But is it a biological imperative that we are faithful? Is it only humans who practise monogamy?

In nature there are very few animal species that are monogamous. Survival of the fittest means spreading it about! If you have passed on your genes to multiple females or if as a female you have sex with multiple partners then you have more chance of your DNA surviving.

Recent studies conducted in the United States reveal that a quarter of women engage in extra marital sex whilst nearly half of all men surveyed enjoyed some form of sexual dalliance outside of their marriage. This hardly supports the belief that humans are programmed to stay loyal and true to their partner now does it? In the UK there is a great deal of data around the percentage of women who are with someone who is not the father of their offspring ? anywhere between ten and thirty per cent! Again, this doesn?t seem to support the idea that we are made to be monogamous.

The thing is that most of us want to have fun. Sex, intimacy and plenty of flirting make us very happy thank you very much. Why are there so many jokes in situation comedies about sexless marriages? Why do we laugh at these jokes? Because for many people they reflect the truth ? in some sad cases a man or a woman welcomes these barbed moments of ?comedy? because they hope that something will be aroused or stirred in their partner.

For me, I know that today I will be spending time with one of my regular clients, a real happy go lucky, fun loving guy with a twinkle in his eye. Do I expect him to be true only to me? Should I balk at any suggestion to bring another escort into the bedroom to enhance his massage experience? Of course not? In fact I might even suggest it!