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Posted by Admin, 1 year ago

Whilst a first view of Stevenage Town Centre may not be all that appealing to the eye, the girls of Stevenage Escorts certainly are! And, before you dismiss this modern conurbation out of hand for a social or business visit just let me take a moment or two to explain why a visit to Stevenage is far from being all bad! For starters there is plenty to do. Do you like eating out? Well there are oodles of restaurants from cheap and cheerful to fine dining. You are spoilt for choice when it comes to bars, especially trendy wine bars. The girls from Stevenage Escorts have a reputation for being fun loving, adventurous, extra sexy and always looking for a good time – when I tell you that many of the blonde and brunette babes from Stevenage Escorts visit the town centre regularly for a fun packed evening of food, flirting and fancy cocktails then you will quickly understand that Stevenage can be a really cool place to hang out. And this is before one mentions all of the other amenities and attractions that Stevenage has to offer including cinemas, gyms, theatres, recreational parks and much, much more. Despite the modern appearance of the town centre the borough of Stevenage also has a lot to offer when it comes to culture and historic attractions.


History wise let's start with the best that Stevenage has it offer: the well established, friendly, reliable, exclusive, affordable, intimacy central, fun loving, amenable and remarkable Stevenage Escorts. With an unrivalled service and the most stunning escorts this really is the go to agency when you are looking for the ultimate in girlfriend experiences. Personally I think that is where this blog about all that the town of Stevenage has to offer should end but for those of you who would like to mix things up a bit here is a rundown of the town, its history, its infrastructure and why it could be the perfect place for a leisure traveller to let their hair down and hang loose!


Despite the modern appearance, Stevenage has a lineage which dates all the way back to the Roman occupation. In fact several thousand extremely valuable Roman gold coins were unearthed here in the eighties when a new housing estate was being built. Fast forward a few hundred years and the Saxons had a settlement nearby. Inevitably then, Stevenage is recorded in the Domesday Book, the famous audit of England conducted and completed twenty years after the infamous Battle of Hastings. It is not known if Stevenage Escorts was a part of the audit! LOL. In the thirteenth century Stevenage was granted a royal charter to hold a weekly market. There are the remnants of a medieval moated house in Whormerly Wood. As a girl who enjoys thrills, spills and fast living one fact about the town rises high above all of the others when it comes to history – the Vincent Black Shadow motorcycle was produced here! Having dated a guy who had a thing about classic motorcycles – and who couldn't stop waxing lyrical about Brough Superiors and Vincents in particular – this girl knows a thing or two about carburettors and fish tail exhausts!


Lovers of literature as well as long legged, lithe, lovely Stevenage Escorts will probably already know the famous link to Charles Dickens, author of such venerated classics as Oliver Twist, Great Expectations and A Christmas Carol: the book 'Our Mutual Friend' is named after the public house in Broadwater. Other literary links include the poet John Cooper Clark who lived for a short while in the borough as well as the legendary, wonderful E. M. Forster who wrote one of my favourite novels, A Passage to India. George Bernard Shaw's Edwardian house is also nearby and a National Trust property so fans of the late, great writer can visit.


Stevenage New Town came into being over the course of three decades but by the new millennia it was recognised as having become rather tired in appearance – local plans to refresh, reinvigorate and restore the town to former glories are being discussed.


If, like the sexy model escorts of Stevenage you enjoy spending time in a super cool wine bar then I would suggest that you check out Cinnabar, The Old Town Bar and my favourite, Trabuxu Wine bar, all of which are on the High Street. Trabuxu ( has plenty of charm and as a jazz lover I just revel in the chance to sit back, sip a sexy cocktail and listen to the chilled out sounds of a jazz flute. Of course, jazz isn't to everyone's taste and if you prefer more modern sounds then there is plenty of choice around town including Flavia bar and Live@8– check out what's happening at


When it comes to eating out I like tapas and the girls at Stevenage Escorts will often suggest a visit to El Bar de Tapas (original name!) on Middle Row. Other great choices for a sexy or romantic meal for two include Sala Thong if you like Thai cuisine (on the High Street) and Misya Meze and Grill, also on the High Street. Sometimes I'm not sure quite what aI fancy (I'm talking food here!) and so I will go to Salt and Good in the Plaza on Town Square which offers a great selection of international dishes. For more hearty fare head to Hitchin and the Buck's Head. For charm, steak pies and real ale I thoroughly recommend The Chequers. For fine dining another restaurant in Hitchin comes to mind, The Farmhouse at Redcoats. Loads of style, ambience and individuality.


You have many hotels (suiting all budgets) to choose from for a night's stay or if you are looking for somewhere local to arrange a date with a sensational Stevenage Escort – though you may not want to venture out of your room once you have fully appreciated the charms of a busty escort!


History, food, drink and accommodation all covered – as well as the essential recreational element of intimate companionship with a super fun loving, super friendly girl, what else is there to do in Stevenage? If you like ancestral homes and beautiful, landscaped gardens then you are literally spoilt for choice around here. The famous Knebworth House should be top of your list. This fifteenth/sixteenth century home is stunning to look at and carrying on the literary connections it was once home to the writer Edgar Bulwer-Lytton. Admirers will say he had a catchy turn of phrase, coming up with such lines as 'the pen is mightier than the sword' and the go-to opener for students with writer's block everywhere, 'it was a dark and stormy night'. Others will contend his writing is trite and hackneyed. Take your pick. With over two hundred acres of woodland and park you can spend most of a day here and marvel in the herds of deer and other wildlife easily spottable as you roam. Another lovely piece of countryside in Stevenage is to be found at Fairlands Valley Park where, incidentally, Stevenage's annual firework display in November takes place.


Housed in the crypt of the Church of St Anthony and St George is Stevenage Museum which basically documents the history of Britain's very first post-war new town. Hop off the train and pop in to one of two theatre auditoriums in Stevenage – one the five hundred seat capacity Gordon Vraig Theatre and the other the twelve hundred seat capacity Gordon Craig Concert Hall. Some of the UK's very top comedians have performed here including Jimmy Carr and Jason Manford. If you prefer the big screen to the big stage there is a Cineworld at Stevenage Entertainment Park, along with a bowling alley and a crazy golf centre. Of course your dining needs can also be met here with a range of fast food outlets and sit down dining experiences such as Nando's and TGI Friday's.


All that talk of food makes me think of the waistline. Especially with the summer beach season upon us. I know that plenty of guys love a girl with some meat on her bones and a more rounded posterior and you can certainly date girls of a more curvalicious shape at Stevenage Escorts but as a slim and petite escort I like to stay toned and firm. To that end I am quite careful with diet except at weekends when I can go a little crazy! But, as we all know it is not just food that has to be taken into consideration but exercise and I also think some attention to creating a positive mental attitude. There is a good choice of gyms in Stevenage such as Active Fitness Club on North Road, TruGym on Roaring Meg Retail Park and Rise Gym on Pond Close. If you like the whole leisure club experience there is Bannatyne's Health Club and Spa on Kingsley Avenue. There's also a David Lloyd near Bar and Beyond on the Stevenage Leisure Park. Of course, not everyone has the time to visit a gym and like many people I have some home exercise equipment including a rowing machine and a dance pole. Pole dancing/exercising is a fantastic way to get in shape. If you've never thought about it check out Ava is really cool and in this video she shows you fifteen exercises that you can do to gain upper and lower body strength and toning. The video is suitable for learners as well as more experienced girls. You don't need to have your own pole to dance or exercise on, you can join a local class. At Herts Dance and Fitness ( you can get tuition in pole dancing and you can also learn how to improve your twerking! Must mention that to Jenna and Maisie at the escort agency – those girls are up for anything and love to try out new things. If you prefer to start in the privacy of your own home then you can just get a few basics like a weight ball, dumbbells, skipping rope and maybe a multi gym or treadmill. I know some girls are not as confident as the sexy hot chicks at Stevenage Escorts and would rather build up confidence and improve toning without the prying or lustful eyes of fellow gym members (though remember the gym is also a great place to meet sexy people!) For help and guidance and home exercise videos you could take a look at


After a hot exercise session and before a hot date I often like to take a long soak in a bubble bath. After a relaxing, soothing, skin tingling, bath bomb experience and when I am with my man it is time to light the candles, put on some ambient yet sexy music and indulge a little hobby of mine: massage. Who doesn't love a massage and whilst you can opt for the sports physiotherapist type of massage which in my experience means getting worse before you get better I prefer the more intimate, sexy, sensual, erotic experience of a massage made for two. Giving a really good, intense and overpowering massage to a guy isn't something that just comes naturally to most girls. It has to be learned and like most things the more often you do it the better you get! And I am really good at it – as many a boyfriend will testify! LOL. According to Cosmopolitan a massage is more than just phyical contact, it is communication – read the advice at you will definitely give your guy the greatest massage he has ever had. Refinery -– claims to be able to teach you how to give a massage that will have a guy begging for more. I should create my own page, because with my experience of intimate moments with hot guys I think I could probably teach the folks at Cosmo and Refinery a thing or two. In Stevenage you can enjoy a wonderful evening of intimate companionship with a beautiful escort skilled and adept in the way of relaxation that will make any massage seem second rate in comparison.


So, Stevenage has everything you need to make your day complete, from bars and restaurants, pubs and clubs, theatres and museums, parks and history but the ultimate attraction in Stevenage has to be the luscious, sexy, beautiful girls of Stevenage Escorts.