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Blog: Tantric Sex

Tantric Sex

Posted by Admin, 1 year ago

But what exactly is 'tantric sex' and is it something that you would like to investigate and explore further?

Tantric Sex has its origins a long time in the past in the religious practices of various communities in the sub-continent. Originally it was a form of meditation and not particularly linked to a sexual act, practised from around the fourth and fifth centuries. The purpose of this tantric meditation was to elevate the consciousness, freeing the mind from the ?wordly?, the body, in order to understand the more profound matters of the universe. The ritual usually involved an initiate, who would receive instruction from a teacher. However, whilst in the main sexual activities were excluded from the tantra, in some minority sects the idea of bliss arising from bodily union and thus feeding into the elevation of consciousness was practised. It is here that we have the origin of the Western ?neotantra? or ?new tantra?.

There are many famous devotees of tantric sex and there is a good reason why ? it is such an incredibly pleasurable and intimate experience. Whilst we speak of ?tantric sex? it can actually be a close and sensual massage and doesn?t necessarily have to involve full on hot sex!